Altered book

The cover of my latest altered book

Among the different styles and types of junk journals, we find also altered books. But what are they and why are they different? A regular junk journal is made from scraps from A to Z, pages included.

A variation of this technique is when you use a whole book to create a journal. I like to use thrift store books, or even the books that libraries need to discard.

The funny part is to fold the paper of the pages in all the ways your creativity tells you: pockets, folds, many different ideas. After you fold your pages you must be brave and tear some pages out. I usually work on two pages and tear 8, and so on.

Example of folded pocket

Why you need to tear pages? Because you need space to load your pockets, sew laces and fabric, add decorations and what not.

And there you have it ! A beautiful journal very quick and easy.

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