Botanical Notes

Root System

As a plant parent, I always want to investigate deeply in the nature of my plants.

Instict is a must, but we also sohuld know some details about the origin, behavior, characteristics of the plants we have.

For this reason, I’ve started to write down my personal Plant Journal. At the base of the journal there’s a detailed research on plants in general (Photosyntesis, Roots structure, flowers, leaves, vegetative vs. animal cells, etc). I’m studying botanics, basic level, but I feel I need to have a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside and outside my pots.

Then, I’m keeping track of the plants I have, trying to draw them and write down the main steps of their growth.

Everything is as nice as possible (I don’t have drawing skills), otherwise the risk is of having dozens of boring written pages, that I’ll never look up again.

Would you like to go with me into this journey of botanical notes and see more pages? Ask me questions, I’m here 

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