How plants are saving my mind

Since I was a teenager I’ve been living with depression, highs and lows. I’ve gone on with my life, had children, got married (yes this is the sequence). I run two companies, I run my home and my family with a husband who’s always away working. I’m considered the tough one, but only Heaven knows the efforts I’m making to be who I am and do what I do. You know, when someone is considered a strong person, it’s implied that no help is needed, that everything is always ok. Well, it’s not. It’s as simple as that. You may wonder what plants have to do with it… they’re my daily sanctuary. My own space, they just take my mind away from everyday responsibilities. When I take care of my plants, cut them, water them, move them towards or far from light, watch them grow a new sprout or a new leaf, I’m in a different dimension, and I am myself. And I feel I’m doing something good. I feel balanced, I finally can breathe, I regenerate my energy stopping, just for a few minutes, the whirlpool that takes me down.

My other passion is drawing. This is a very new one, I had never drawn before. At one point, last year, I felt the urgency of expressing my creativitym if I had one. Surprisingly, the first thing I desidered to do was drawing. So plants + drawing gave me the opportunity of setting a houseplant journal, sketches and caretips about the plants I own, studies on basic botany. It’s a lot of fun so far, and I’m having a decent and unexpected success on social media.

This is one more lesson I’m learning: I’ve always underrated myself, even when someone told me I was doing good things, I thought he was mistaking.

I finally understand, now, that I really have some qualities, I am not that negative and unable to “make” things. This is always thanks to my plants, they are conveying a positive energy and they are opening new ideas, new options, new dreams.

If we keep on dreaming, regardless our age, we’ll still have projects to forecast, life will be less tedious and days less boring. We just need to keep the flame going in our souls, giving it its food with our daily actions out of the schemes. Never give up even if people is teasing you, even if sometimes you wonder what you are doing, even if you think you’re too old to play with colours, with leaves, with cameras, with pens and pencils. Our lives can’t be made of just chores, let’s make the time for a little madness, let’s think out of the schemes, for one time a day, for a few minutes, half an hour or, if you’re lucky even more.

Let’s get out of the box and be guiltless fools.

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