Episode 2 – ink

How to create a junk journal on a low budget

If you like a vintage antique look for your papers, the easiest way to achieve it, is by inking the edges. When your paper is velvety aged by coffee or tea, just take the sheet and apply ink.

But what are the most commonly used tools to do that? Distress ink and a dauber are by far the best quickest solution

But what if you can’t afford it? Well, there are tons of options and I’m telling you what is working good for me at the moment.

As I’m not a minimalist I would always find in my bathroom drawers some very old eyeshadow. I apply the powder on the edge of the sheets of paper with my finger and it works very well! It’s so fun because I often come across some not standard colors that I can match with other objects on the page

Expired make up

Another trick that seems to work well is spices. I would go over to my kitchen cupboards and take some colorful spices such as turmeric or cinnamon or even curry powder and I use them in the same way as the eyeshadow. Sometimes you could use just a few drops of water to make it stick better to the page. It’s so funny to mix some of the powders to obtain unique shades!

Turmeric powder

Another unique way to age paper without ink is with a pencil. You just go over the edges with your pencil in a horizontal position and then shade it with your finger. This time your distressing will be grey … or you can use any color pencil you find around in your house

Graphite / color pencil powder

When I was a teenager burning the edges of your secret diary was very popular but if you do it, please pay a lot of attention. I wouldn’t recommend it

If you have an old ink pad you just can revive it with a spritz of water and apply with a dauber. I don’t have a dauber so I use a make up short hair brush

Make up brush

I don’t like to use make up sponges or any kind of rubbery gizmos because I find they absorb most of the ink

Make up sponge

So folks, I think that’s all for my tips today. I would like to know how you like to age your pages and your personal tricks. If you feel like, please comment below or reach out to me laura@my-privategarden.com

Let’s share our best tricks!

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