Episode 1 – paper

How to create a junk journal on a low budget

A little series for crafting on a budget

I wish to create this little guide made of simple tricks and tips on how you can make a beautiful junk journal with no expensive fancy tools, because beauty can be simple and comes from the heart.

When life gets tough creativity and crafting are an option to anxiety and stress. At the same time if you scroll social media pictures you will see artists in perfectly neat ateliers or crafters with all those fancy tools… and your frustration is no productive at all.

Well, I have a few tricks for you, coming from my own experience of crafting on a very small budget.

I think this is going to be more of a series than just one article because I’m inventing new things every day I sit down to make a junk journal page.

First of… PAPER!

This is what I normally do. I buy the most convenient copy paper I find in supermarkets or by the bulk online and transform it into velvety aged paper.

Take any kind of container, fill it with water and add instant coffee

Take your sheets and place them into the water. Then wait from 15 minutes to hours, take your sheets out and hang them somewhere to dry. Someone uses hair dryer or oven but I prefer to let them drip overnight. I usually place them like clothes on the clothing rack. The day after I like to iron them so they become soft and velvety.

Don’t worry if they’re a little damaged, that gives them more vintage personality!

Next episode will be ink and options if you don’t have it

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