Junk Journals

Botanical joy

Let’s talk junk journals

They’re handmade books created from scraps. You can start from a cereal box or a real book and make your dream book come true.

What I especially love of this art is the feeling that paper conveys: it brings back memories of old times , childhood and merry moments. I always age my papers with coffee and ink or, better, I use vintage paper, old book pages or notebooks.

The style of the journals I make is eclectic vintage, sometimes romantic and a little shabby chic, sometimes I turn towards industrial and steampunk. The style follows the mood of the day, exactly like any art and craft.

Autumn journal

I’ve started making books when I was looking for a cheaper way to create a sketchbook to work on my watercolors and then, a whole world opened up.

I’ve learned how to sew fabric on paper, how to create secret pockets to hide important messages, how to embellish the pages with beads and ornaments.

Book dangle

A new adventure has begun and I would like you to be the recipient of my creations.

If you want to take a look at what I make, please go to my Etsy shop

It’s updated frequently with new articles and new offers… I would really appreciate your feedback

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