Many Hats…

My name is Laura, But I am many things, many faces, many persons, many characters. Every day I wear a different hat, sometimes I change it quite often… Mother, wife, worker, daughter, sister, housewife, friend. I need something to balance this confusion, this overwhelming whirpool.

Plants are peace and my daily sanctuary.

I’m not a true greenthumb, but I’ve always loved plants. At my parents’ house, as a child, there was a huge (at least for me it looked huge), planter full of monsteras, ficus benjamin and lyrata and all the large size plants that are difficult to find nowadays because houses are smaller and smaller and there’s near to no space for relaxation.

My first tiny house was kind of a jungle, mainly pothos because, you know, they’re the strongest!

Then I had children, and sometimes they take your identity away for many years.

Now I’m myself again, trying to build back my green space, trying to breathe.

When I love somerthing, I want to dig into all the possible hidden corners of the subject, so I’m studying a lot about plants, botany, nature. Sometimes it’s a daily fight, sometimes I just feel connected with my plants and understand perfectly what they’re trying to tell me.

I’m not sure what this blog will be about, yet. Maybe plants, maybe spirit and freedom. It’s a constant evolution, which reflects our daily condition.

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