My Plants Journal

My need for a mental shelter got me closer to houseplants. The green around me, the little growths pushing on, a baby leaf unfurling under my eyes. Little things, unnoticed to most, started to mean a lot to me. Every single moment I spend with my plants makes my brain switch to a different reality, one that is only mine, where pain and anxiety have no meaning. Dealing with plants pushed me further towards creativity, studying them and loving their shapes and forms made me try to sketch them and write notes about them. I’m so tired of perfect academic notes so I felt I needed to give a kind of artistic vibration to what I was studying. Hence, studying and drawing became the perfect pair. Only problem: I have never drawn. All I’m doing comes straight from my soul, no technique, no teachers, no lessons. Just my soul and my need of being myself. I don’t wait for someone else’s judgment but I’m proud when someone likes what I’m doing. It means I can communicate my feelings. At last

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