Tips and tricks for low budget – a series

“how to make a junk journal on a low budget”

A series

This is a series of articles that I’m creating with the purpose of helping anyone who would like to make a beautiful junk journal but has a low budget or no budget at all.

I’m going to give some tips and tricks according to my own experience.

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  • Just a quick video
    I’m here with a quick slide show of my latest creations. Beautiful, colorful and dreamy junk journals that will find an owner soon. I’d like to know which is the style you prefer? Is it vintage, botanical, shabby chic, eclectic? You name it, we can create one custom made just for you! A unique piece in the world containing the things you love! Head to the comment box or reach out and we’ll be happy to answer your questions Our creations are here :
  • Episode 4 – create beauty with your heart
    Who decides what’s beautiful and what’s not? This question has often come to my mind. Beauty is subjective and what speaks to you may be meaningless for others We artists and crafters are too often worried about the final result and above all about how our public would judge our works Well, I think that any piece of art, no matter what kind of art we consider, can be beautiful under many aspects. What brings meaning to what we create is the heart and passion we put into our works. The booklet you see in this page comes from 15 minutes of crafting. It has 10 pages (20 front and back) and it’s totally made with the leftover of a signature I had previously created. I decided to use all the papers I had on my table so while I was recording my weekly podcast, I went along with my inspiration and it became reality through this little creation. It’s not special and doesn’t imply any particular crafty skill, but it’s made with intention and with simple materials that anyone can find around the house We can turn anything into a masterpiece if we use our heart instead of our mind. it’s free! Think about this message for a second and take it as an encouragement for being more creative and invest feelings in what you make There will always be someone somewhere that will see beyond pure aesthetics and will be able to read your message Be always yourself, at least in your art! You can find my creations here in my Etsy
  • Episode 3 – make your images pop up
    how to create a junk journal on a low budget Today we’re going to talk about how you can easily improve the images you’re using for your junk journal. Maybe your printer is not the best on the market or the images you’re downloading are not high resolution and you don’t want to spend money on a digital kit or you just can’t find one that suits your requirements. This shouldn’t stop you from making a beautiful journal! Be creative and think out of the schemes. As you can see from the picture above, I was working with a poor image, vintage style but quite anonymous and flat. It just wasn’t speaking to me. I then decided to use color pencils to make the colors pop up. I happen to have a 12 watercolor pencil set so I applied a couple of layers. Then, I used a fine tip felt to accentuate the contours to add some depth. It was still looking a sad image to me so, I added a final touch: 2 little embroidered flowers on the bottom of the apron. They’re white like the apron itself so I framed them with a regular pencil to bring them in the foreground. It’s as simple and relaxing as that! I’m waiting for you in the next episode and I would appreciate your suggestions if you have any tips to add! See you soon

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