What is a junk journal

A random page from my winter junk journal

There is not just one definition to junk journal, but I’ll try to be as clear as possible. It is a handmade book, made with scraps and with materials that would end up in your paper bin.

The book is handmade from A to Z and the beauty of this process is that it’s completely open to any creative idea. There are so many styles and the possibilities are endless for what you can create.

I’ll try to simplify and pick a few methods:

1. You can use cardboard for the cover, what works well is cereal box for instance. You can cut it down to the size you like. Then you cover it with beautiful paper or wrap it in fabric. Choose some sheets of paper (any paper works, copy paper, book pages…). Fold them in half and stuck them one into the other. Poke holes in the central crease and stick them to the spine. Voilà… you have a book

You can personalize and decorate every inch , according to your style and preferences.

2. You can use an existing hard cover book, take its pages off – all of them or just some, and replace them with your own paper.

The question is: what would you use it for?

It’s just up to your fantasy: it could be a journal, to write down your life and thoughts, store messages or memories, travel souvenirs or any kind of stuff you’d like to keep safe for future days. In this case you could add pockets to your pages

It could also become an art journal for you to practice the new techniques you’re learning, mix media or watercolor, collage or doodles… again it’s up to your fantasy

And what kind of decorations would you add? Oh that’s a whole new world opening up.

Vintage pages as decorations

I’m thinking of starting a series on step by step tutorials of the decorations and style I come up with while I make my own journals. Take a look at the craft with me episodes on my YouTube

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